Festive Plans

Festive Plans


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Installment payment Hoolah (3months interest free) is available on:

Installment payment Hoolah (3months interest free) is available on:

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PLEASE TAKE NOTE of Travel Restrictions & Advisory News due to COVID-19 Coronavirus. #WearaMask #SocialDistancing 

Aurora Expeditions Celebrates Antarctica Return With Special Offers to Inspire Discovery

Australia's award-winning adventure travel company, Aurora Expeditions, has today announced it will be resuming operations in Antarctica, commencing its voyages from Punta Arenas, Chile from January 2022.  

In celebration, Aurora Expeditions, who was awarded World's Leading Polar Expedition Operator at the World Travel Awards 2020, is offering travellers some unbeatable offers for the upcoming Antarctica 2022 season. 

Solo travellers who have been thinking about taking the plunge into an extraordinary travel adventure in 2022 are being offered no single supplements for cabins on select Antarctic Expeditions between January-March*.   

“We are seeing increased demand for remote wilderness travel, and we know travellers will be looking to get out of their comfort zone and push their personal boundaries more than ever before,” added Ponfoort.  

“We wanted to celebrate our return by giving our guests the opportunity for some extraordinary savings, particularly for solo travellers, who join our voyages alone but travel and build lifelong connections with a small group of like-minded companions, sharing their passion for the natural world and a lust for adventure.”   

Alongside the no solo supplement offer, Aurora is also offering 15% off all Antarctica voyages from January-March 2022*.  

For more information visit https://www.auroraexpeditions.com.au/ 

The recently launched ESTA prepares for Festive with Bundles

ESTA, the latest brand in town to have pocket friendly plant based hand sanitizers that is non-toxic and gentle with a refreshing scent and no harsh chemicals.  ESTA Hand Sanitizers have long lasting 24 hours continuous protection with its active ingredient “UltraBactech” and are reliable as this patented technology UltraBactech kills 99.999% viruses, bacteria and germs, with high efficacy validated by international testing agencies. ESTA products are marked as a clean label that is eco-friendly and sustainable.

On top of this the ESTA’s pocket friendly and stylish Hand Sanitizers, make effective and attractive gifts, for those on remote and need something sleek to fit into their bags, packs and pockets, and with refillable cases base on seasonal limited-edition collections. Customers could embrace ESTA Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas with deals at their e-store https://es-ta.com and at Lazada and Shopee for their purchase.  
With Black Friday and Cyber Monday, these are ESTA's Bundles:
On-the-go Bundle at $35
Consists of ESTA Pocket Size Hand Sanitiser 15ml (Any 2 Colours) and ESTA Plant Based Hand Sanitiser Refill Bag 200ml
Home & Office Bundle at $39
Consists of ESTA Pocket Size Hand Sanitiser 15ml (Any 1 Colour), ESTA Air & Surface Disinfectant 300ml and ESTA Plant Based Hand Sanitiser Refill Bag 200ml
Family Home Bundle at $20
Consists of  ESTA Air & Surface Disinfectant 300ml and ESTA Foaming Hand Soap 350ml
ESTA Delux Bundle at $45
Consists of ESTA Foaming Hand Soap 350ml, ESTA Air & Surface Disinfectant 300ml, ESTA Pocket Size Hand Sanitiser 15ml (Any 1 Colour) and ESTA Plant Based Hand Sanitiser Refill Bag 200ml
Do also look out for Christmas promos and “ESTA Christmas Nature Guard Box - Let Nature be your Guard”, that also features ESTA’s new product exclusively: ESTA Foaming Hand Soap.

As most gear up for the Festivities ahead, e-shopping has been a staple and with the Covid-19 pandemic, masks and sanitizers are crucial for daily personal protection. Likewise for cleaning liquids and disinfectants for the house and business spaces to industrial units.   Having launched the UltraMask and being highly popular after being selected for national distribution, ESTA Technology pocket friendly designs of hand sanitizers are an attraction with Lunar New Year limited edition collection sold out, and therefore the white and black trendy designs are a must buy for the Christmas season for gifts to protect your loved ones. And most certainly, the new ESTA Foaming Hand Soap.

ESTA develops reliable products for the community by blending nature and science.
ULTRABactech™ by ESTA incorporates their plant derived antimicrobial into different personal protection products, such as sanitizers and now soaps and more. ESTA products are reliable and strongly backed by science for its efficacy by international testing agencies and they are Intertek branch in Singapore, CET Scientific and Element USA.

These are the qualities:
  • Derived from natural botanicals
  • Clean label extraction process
  • Potent antimicrobial potency
  • Superior biocompatibility
  • Eco-friendly
  • Excellent processibility
What is unique is that ESTA Technology has innovated and with the UltraBactech that was launched in May 2021, the scientific technology has provided for ESTA hand sanitizer to be non-toxic and natural, with long lasting continuous protection for 24 hours, and its rapid action is proven to be able to kill 99.999% microbes within seconds of exposure. And if one is cleaning with one application and surface left untouched, ESTA’s UltraBactech lasts up to 90 days on surfaces. It is proven and tested on surfaces like wood, plastic, metals, leather, fabric, and silicon.
What is likeable is the pocket-friendly customizable bottle is available for corporates and businesses looking to have hand sanitizer bottles as gifts with customization allowed to tailor to their needs, they make ideal appreciation gifts to Festive gifts.

Ms. Felicia Gan, CEO of ESTA Technology and Ghim Li, says, “Sustainability is heart of ESTA’s mission to innovate. This pandemic has made us realise how toxic our world has become and we need to continue to innovate and look towards nature for natural solutions to safeguard our future generations. Our UltraBactech is just an example of how answers can be found in nature and how strong botanicals can be, there isn’t really a need to rely on toxic chemicals to have an effective and efficacious anti-microbial solution, and that is non-toxic, eco-friendly with continuous protection. Having launched UltraMask with the UltraBactech as its fabric coating, the need for hand sanitizers to cleaning liquids such as Disinfectants, and now our newly launched Foaming Hand Soap are  community essentials with the Covid-19 pandemic, and we hope to continuously support the protection of our Singapore community with our plant-based products. Let Nature be your Guard”.

Dr. Lim Kaiyang, CSO of ESTA Technology says, “Mother nature always has the answers to our problems, it is just whether we look hard enough. At ES-TA Technology, we are committed to finding and developing a more natural solution to solve some of our most pressing issues. The ES-TA products, including the new launch of ES-TA Foaming Hand Soap, will provide the natural antimicrobial protection and is proven to be able to kill 99.999% microbes within seconds of exposure, as a guard for  you and your loved ones against the threats of microbes.”

In the latest Test report from the United States in November 2021, ESTA Technology has proven that UltraBactech has 99.999% killing efficacy against SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Overall, ESTA Hand Sanitizers are Eco-Friendly and uses a refillable twist and spray bottle to reduce single use plastic.  ESTA Hand Sanitizer is also multi-purpose and can be used to disinfect products that are commonly used with high touchpoints such as handphones, wallets, keyboards, bags.

ESTA Price range:
ESTA Pocket Size Hand Sanitizer (15ml) at $12.90
ESTA Multi-purpose Air & Surface Disinfectant (300ml) at $17.90

Do also look out for the Christmas Collection #ESTAxNAFA Christmas Edition Pocket Hand Sanitiser that is a Collaboration with NAFA. The Designer, Winnie Chongdiono, who is a second year student at NAFA commented on her inspiration notes, "I was inspired from Christmas as an occasion for gathering. Especially with the uncertain situation, it is more important to have a peace of mind with sustainable products and protective elements, to enable us to gather with a peace of mind. Therefore, the motif of Christmas - the vines, lamp and trees are designed in circling to pay homage to togetherness and bring joy during the festive season."

Please find the Christmas Bundles to look forward to:

And the ESTA VTL Travel Packs:

Order your plant based ESTA products for your protection and guard this Festive Season.
ESTA customer service contact or email for public: https://es-ta.com/pages/contact-us
ESTA website and ecommerce:
ESTA social media:
ESTA Ecommerce:
ES-TA Shop - Buy ES-TA Shop at Best Price in Singapore | www.lazada.sg
ES-TA Shop, Online Shop | Shopee Singapore
ESTA Technology Youtube Channel:
ESTA Technology Youtube Video:
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About ESTA
The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has caught the world by surprise and taught us to be humble and to be  prepared for potential biomedical threats. These threats may surface at any time but can be prevented or controlled before it becomes a pandemic if everyone in the community does their own part by practicing good personal hygiene in their daily routines.
As such, ESTA Technology Pte Ltd is founded in 2020 to explore nature for solutions to these threats and develop downstream products that can protect and benefit the well-being of our community, locally and globally.
Environmentally Friendly
Our ethos - leading and advancing antimicrobial science research with focus on natural antimicrobial compounds; to reinvent protection as a second nature; and to redesign natural antimicrobial products for the community using modern science.

Put Yourself in the Picture: 7 NSW Experiences to Reenergise You

Feel the rush of catching your first wave in the surf at Freshwater. Feel your cheeks ache from smiling all night in delight at a theatre performance. Feel the crisp air fill your lungs as you reach a Snowy Mountains peak. Feel silence surround you as you stare up at the stars in Mungo National Park. Here are seven that will make you feel new.
Abseil the cliffs of the Blue Mountains: Strap yourself in and take a leap of faith. Abseiling and canyoning in the Blue Mountains brings heart-pounding, stomach-fluttering thrills, bringing you face-to-face with the World Heritage-region's sheer cliffs high above an endless carpet of trees. Drop into the cool dark caves of Grand Canyon
Kayak through untouched waterways in Bellingen: Watch the glassy water ripple, hear river bugs buzz around the mangroves, spot wallabies jumping along the bank beside you. A paddle along the rainforest-lined creeks and estuaries that thread out of the Bellingen or Kalang Rivers offers a certain kind of peace and quiet.
Watch a life-changing performance in Sydney: There's something special about being in an audience: stepping into someone else's story, just for one night. Sydney's theatres offer front-row seats to new and emotive experiences year-round, from glittery moments of fearless expression at a drag performance to scenes that make you laugh and cry.
Climb to new heights in the Snowy Mountains: It gets wild in the Snowy Mountains, where winter's breath coats the national parks, alpine villages and steep hills in a magic dusting of fluffy white snow. Once you reach the top, feel at one with the mountain as you slice through the powder on ski or by snowboard, weaving your way through perfect runs.
Get lost in the Art Gallery of NSW: he hallowed halls of Sydney's Art Gallery of NSW are home to thousands of stories from across the world, from ancient artisans to contemporary creators. These evolving collections live and breathe, and a wander through them connects viewer to artist and opens the mind. 
Hit the open road in the outback: In NSW's outback, you'll feel like you've landed on another planet. Red earth sketches ancient secrets on rock. Stars scatter across outstretched velvet skies. Otherworldly formations rise from the dirt. 
For more information, visit the Destination NSW Media Centre media.destinationnsw.com.

Brightwater Holidays Launches Capsule Collection Of New Tours With 2nd Edition 2022/23 Brochure

The multi award-winning holiday specialists Brightwater Holidays (01344 657155, www.brightwaterholidays.com) has unveiled its second edition brochure for 2022/23.
Great Gardens of Cornwall in the Company of Mike Nelhams
With the help of Mike Nelhams, Curator of Tresco's Abbey Garden and a long-standing Tour Manager for Brightwater Holidays, this itinerary for Cornwall has been put together that showcases not only the gardens but the personalities behind them.
Sweden & Gotland – In the Footsteps of Carl Linnaeus
Botanist Carl Linnaeus is the inspiration behind this unique itinerary, which features visits to lakes and gardens in southern Sweden as well as wildflowers and stunning seascapes on the Baltic island of Gotland. 
Scenic Journeys of Argyll & Bute
This stunning rail tour includes views over Loch Long and Loch Lomind, the remote Glen Douglas, Glen Falloch and Glen Lochy, and the much-photographed ruins of Kilchurn Castle.
Castles & Houses of the Cotswolds
Winding through the rural rolling hills and medieval village of the Cotswolds, guests visit the iconic Blenheim Palace, Sudeley Castle and Waddesdon Manor.
Castles & Houses of Kent        
There can't be many tours that feature references to such a diverse range of characters as Charles Darwin, Sir Winston Churchill, Henry VIII and Sir Cliff Richard.
Southern Rhine Garden Cruise
Explore picturesque gardens, quaint medieval towns, beautiful castles and breathtaking scenery on this voyage along the Southern Rhine. 
Lundy and the Scenic Journeys of the West Country
Settle down aboard the MS Oldenburg and watch the world go by while looking out for seabirds, basking sharks and seals. 
View the full 2022/23 2nd edition brochure here: https://issuu.com/specialistjourneys/docs/brightwater_holidays_2nd_edition_2022_uk




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