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Installment payment Hoolah (3 mths interest free) is available on:

Installment payment Hoolah (3mths interest free) is available on:

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PLEASE TAKE NOTE of Travel Restrictions & Advisory News due to COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus. #WearaMask #SocialDistancing 

Introducing Raffles Maldives Meradhoo's Royal Residence

At the southernmost reach of the Maldives, in the remote and pristine atoll of Gaafu Alifu, Raffles Maldives Meradhoo has been welcoming travellers in search of true tranquillity and complete escapism since its opening in 2019. Now, as the world slowly emerges from lockdown, this Indian Ocean idyll is ready to reveal a retreat that will provide the ultimate hideaway for those who want to relax in unparalleled style: the Raffles Royal Residence.

Occupying an unblemished stretch of the resort's blissful Beach Island, the vast six-bedroom villa is perfect for groups of friends gathering for a once-in-a-lifetime celebration, as well as families who want to kick back and take things easy. Stretching comfortably over 1,700 square metres and accommodating up to 15 guests, the Royal Residence's heart is the three consecutive reception rooms that border its 40-metre pool and look towards the property's private beach. Whether savouring a fully catered barbecue, enjoying a boisterous pool party or simply admiring unimpeded views of another staggering sunset, everything the property offers can be enjoyed in absolute exclusivity.

With interiors conceived by Singapore-based design firm BLINK, the Royal Residence melds Raffles' respect for tradition and timeless elegance with the Maldives' unique maritime beauty and relaxed, restorative approach to luxury.

Raffles' distinct colonial style is seen in the property's striped monsoon blinds and louvered doors - the signature grey-blue shade visible throughout was in fact created especially for the Royal Residence and the resort more generally. The spectacular seascapes to be found immediately beyond the resort are affectionately referenced in the coral patterns that are embedded on upholstery; contemporary furniture inspired by sea life; and ecologically friendly decorations that replicate the can't-be-bettered shapes organically produced by nature, from turtle shells to sea urchins to starfish.

Shaded by palm trees and flanked by silken sands, it makes an incomparable retreat for groups who, for just a while, want to leave the real world behind entirely.

Hard Rock Hotel Bali Reopened on 1 September 2020 Under Newly-Implemented Safe + Sound Program

In compliance with recommendations from local health officials, Hard Rock Hotel Bali reopened to guests on Tuesday, 1 September 2020. To help keep guests and team members safe and healthy, the property has implemented SAFE + SOUND, a best-in-class program focused on enhanced cleaning practices, social interaction guidelines and workplace protocols. The program was developed by a team of hospitality experts in collaboration with worldwide health and sanitization specialists, including Ecolab and NSF.

“We welcome the opportunity to reopen in Bali and continue to deliver unique experiences, unforgettable amenities and our core brand values to Hard Rock fans in the safest environment possible,” said Shane Coates, General Manager. “We've worked hand-in-hand with industry-leading experts to ensure our property exceeds the maximum cleanliness standards for our guests and team members.”

The SAFE + SOUND program implements the highest level of safety, sanitization, and employee training. From the initial welcome at check-in down to each detail inside guest rooms and common areas throughout the property, there is a heightened focus on cleanliness. Additionally, Hard Rock Hotel Bali's team members have been trained by Ecolab cleaning experts on proper disinfection procedures.
For more information about Hard Rock Hotel Bali, its new SAFE + SOUND program and the latest travel guidelines, please visit and

StarLine Revamps Tour Options for Fresh Air Fun in Los Angeles while Staying Safe

The importance of the freedom to travel, sightsee and spend time outdoors has never been more illustrated, as the public health crisis redefined the California lifestyle. In an innovative approach to provide safe, outdoor entertainment options for staycationing families and adventurous visitors, StarLine has introduced new private custom tours in open top vehicles with a variety of choices. Named “Essentially LA”, passengers are delivered to the most iconic landmarks and best views of Hollywood, all of Los Angeles, beaches and beach-side towns, or an entirely customized 'what-I-want-to-see-here' tour, all in the fresh air and sunshine of California.

StarLine's longest running and most popular tour, the Celebrity Homes Tour is also available as a private tour. The two-hour tour, with 10 seats and a driver/guide, includes famous celebrity homes, iconic Sunset Strip and Rodeo Drive, and panoramic views of Los Angeles.

The same open-air van with driver/guide is also available in a completely custom tour. Guests may suggest locations and sightseeing options, and StarLine's Tour Guide, will build the tour tailored to fit your two, three, or four-hour tours.

Rates for the two-hour Essential Celebrity Homes Private Tour or the Custom Private Tour is $420 and can accommodate families traveling together up to 10, which is just $21 per passenger per hour. Custom tours can also include a stop for outdoor dining. These tours can be combined with a Downtown Los Angeles Tour or the Essential Ultimate 7-Hour Tour of LA.

To view StarLine Tours' video of safety and sanitary protocols now in place, click here.

The Olive & Latte Suite presents: Olive & Latte, Dashingly Very Good Living VGD, Olive & Latte ABS, Olive & Latte Home Lounge to Engage for Moments.

The Olive & Latte Suite 

This year 2020 marks the year for Olive and Latte Suite that is a globeshop of stories and biographies, that features all the following sites from the main sites with Olive & Latte ABS , to Olive and Latte, and Dashingly Very Good Living that is an affordable luxe website . And the Shopify sites at:, and

The new websites that were launched this year were Olive and Latte Home Lounge while Engagevu, the pr and marketing collaborative outfit presents Engage for Moments .

Sharon Vu, Founder of Olive and Latte ABS (arts, bites, shop) with #OliveandLatte suite including #DashinglyVeryGoodLiving, and PR and Marketing outfit EngagevuVu Marcoms says, "Thanks to our collaborators, we have manage to fulfil the Olive and Latte Suite and we will continue to update with stories and biographies and with curated items and products for the globeshop."

Markus Flamman, Senior Advisor with Engagevu, and Adjunct Lecturer at the Henan University of Economics and Law commented, "These websites supply a wealth of views on F&B, recreation, and travel from the perspective of a carefully appointed group of personalities (that you will get to see in coming years) with very different backgrounds. You can read about their experience and even buy at discounted rates a growing selection of curated items from the concierge menu or globeshops."

Markus Flamman continued by saying, "Finding the right group of individuals to deliver content has been challenging. The demands on their performance operates in a niche where they're to share experiences that fall in the category from 'affordable luxury' to 'home away from home experience during their trips'.  So this group enjoys life locally and travels a lot, and at the moment virtually. While doing so, visit unique locations, avoid touristy places and demand an upscale environment that is comfortable to relax at, due to work schedules.

Not only do they bring back unique items from their travel, they also return with stories. These stories they share on the websites Engage for Moments and Olive and Latte Home Lounge in return, assist to find an easy route to these same experiences.

So head on over and be inspired for your next virtual dream trip from the comforts of your own home.  We are pleased with the launch of Olive and Latte Home Lounge and Engage for Moments and look forward to writing more of 'Markus Anecdotes', who knows this might go onto ebook format together with Sharon Vu."

Patwant Singh, the Guest Blogger and former Channel NewsAsia personality and ex-broadcast journalist, who is currently a media consultant and trainer comments, "Enjoyed partnering Olive and Latte Home Lounge in sharing my travel and professional experiences. The platform is ideal to reach out to targeted and like-minded individuals and looking forward to more tie-ups."

"I've come to know Sharon as a meticulous and conscientious partner to work with. I'm inspired by her relentless motivation to bring 'good' goods & services to the marketplace. A real joy working with her," ChinKar TAN, Publisher, Write Editions commented.

Ram Santhanaram a Professional Speaker/Emcee, a Masterclass Trainer and a renowned Laughter Coach is being featured on Olive and Latte Shopify, Dashingly Very Good Living, Dashingly Very Good Living VGD Shopify says, "Why feel trapped in a dungeon of worries and self-created sufferings when we can instead swim to the shores of possibilities and move to along the freeway of happiness?"

Richard, the Shanghai expat says, "Collaborating with Olive and Latte and Dashingly Very Good Living have provided an opportunity to feature the products picked from travels and to look forward to the private tours to places such as Yunnan or Tibet to be featured in the two brands."

Please reach Olive and Latte Suite at or for partnerships and enquiries.

To view the websites, please find at
(Affordable Luxe):
2.  Installment payment Hoolah (3 mths interest free) is available on:
4.  Installment payment Hoolah (3mths interest free) is available on:
New Websites
About Olive and Latte Suite, Olive & Latte Home Lounge and Engage for Moments
Through Olive and Latte ABS (, the company started in 2014 as an online content generation and sharing of stories across social networks and platforms. Olive and Latte eGlobeshop, a shop around the corner, was launched on 7 Feb 2018, as an extension and an ecart to describe memorabilia and items from across the globe curated by Olive and Latte with Artists, Shoppers and Biz Innovators. The items have interesting and engaging stories behind them, or sometimes as retail therapy when people travel and getaway.  Olive and Latte Plug and Play is an engagement service where they plug into companies in functions to assist and engage, for Public Relations, Marketing and more, with their core of Publicists, Communicators and Marketers.

Dashingly Very Good Living VGD has the 3-pronged concept for the Affordable Luxury segment, and with the addition of the e-carting of Marketing to Solutioning services for the Individual and companies pre-paid, and with categories of Global Local Designers that Dashingly Very Good Living VGD will source, partner and procure and with the category of the Personality.

Olive and Latte Home Lounge aims to cover everything about Home including notes on Enrichment, Deals of the Day and Week and Home recipes as a Home companion for those working remotely or at home. Engage for Moments is a blog about the moments, the virtual Attractions, Travel and Anecdotal Moments and experiences be it in the online sphere and spaces.

For more information, please contact:
Sharon Vu
Director, Vu Marcoms, engagevu
Mobile: +65 8138 6913

Fresh Tracks Canada Launches New Luxury Brand, “The True North Collection”

Fresh Tracks Canada announces the launch of its new premium brand, The True North Collection, a series of expertly curated vacations that provide guests with exclusive access to remote luxury travel within Canada.

The True North Collection represents the finest and most elite travel experiences in Canada, assembled into seamless journeys by Fresh Tracks Canada’s team of destination specialists.

Through The True North Collection, guests can expect to experience completely tailor-made vacations, and an unparalleled attention to detail and service. From heli-hiking in the Canadian Rockies to polar bear photography safaris in the arctic, this elite collection of luxury Canadian vacations offers guests a window to Canada’s majestic wilderness, all with the comforts of world-class accommodations, exquisite dining, and local private tours. 

The True North Collection has been created in partnership with the most exclusive Canadian suppliers in response to the latest industry trends which indicate consumers are gravitating towards more remote travel destinations, private charters and tour options. Canada remains one of the safest places in the world to travel, allowing locals to re-discover their own backyard, and international guests to explore when the borders reopen.

For more information on The True North Collection visit

Who Let The Dogs Out? Treat your V.I.Pooch - The Ovolo Way

Pooch parents, Ovolo Hotels has an offer for you and your V.I.Pooch in designer luxury. Book a V.I.Pooch package and up to two of your pooches can stay, the additional costs (AUD$80/HK$500) per additional pooch per night applies, across Ovolo Hotels in Hong Kong and Australia. This offer is available for stays up until 31 December 2020.

All Ovolo Hotels are dog-friendly and the V.I.Pooch package is inclusive of everything your furry friend could ever need for a staycation. The package includes a comfortable doggy bed where your pooch can snuggle and relax like they deserve, an eating/drinking mat so they can feast in style without the hassle of cleaning that post-meal mess, a doggy goody bag packed full of specially designed dog toys and treats, and dog-friendly staff ready to provide guests with any assistance needed.

As usual, with any direct booking guests can also get access to The Perks, Ovolo's signature inclusions: unlimited high-speed Wi-Fi, daily breakfast, social hour, daily minibar and loot bag. Pooches and parents can also rest easy with the hotel groups' OC/DC – Obsessive Commitment to Deep Cleaning – initiative.
Experience a world full of wonder at Ovolo Hotels – and bring your pooch too.
Guests can book the V.I.Pooch package through the Ovolo offers page via

What Do Walrus Heads, Warriors and Dragons All Have In Common?

What do walrus heads, warriors and dragons all have in common? They all play a role in the mythos surrounding the aurora borealis. Nowadays we look to the heavens and know that electrons from space are colliding with nitrogen and oxygen gases in the sky to create ethereal auroras in greens, reds, pinks and blues. But in the days of yore peoples would craft fantastic stories about what was occurring in the night sky. Here in Alaska, the most well-known aurora legend told by the indigenous people of the Arctic is that the northern lights were spirits of the dead playing ball with a walrus head. Northern European Norse mythology indicated that the aurora were the spirits of valiant warriors ascending a fire bridge into the heavens. In Asian lore, the northern lights were thought to be good and evil dragons battling each other in the sky. These powerful myths reveal how people were, and still are, awe inspired by the aurora weaving across the night sky.

During Aurora Season, from August 21 to April 21, Fairbanks is one of the best places on earth to see the northern lights. Far away from the madding crowds, with minimal light pollution, meager amounts of precipitation and positioned in a most advantageous location directly under the “Auroral Oval” (where aurora activity is concentrated), Fairbanks is a divine destination for northern lights viewing.
Find out about the above and more at For specific questions, email
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(Affordable Luxe)
(Interest free Instalment payment Hoolah is available on this site) 
(Freelancer Gig)

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