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Biz Innovator - Markus Flamman

11 January 2021 - Markus Flamman has been looking at items on

28 August 2020 -  Please find more of Markus Anecdotes at this page:

8 February 2020 - Markus has a Carousell shop that you can look at

And there are items to art pieces for purchase at the shop.  

25 Oct 2019 - Markus had the latest art collection on auction at The-Saleroom HotLotz 

These are 2 of his art collection that were in HotLotz on auction. 


Charcoal and pastel on paper, in original frame

Located, signed and dated lower left 'BALI '49 R.BONNET'

45cm high x 33cm wide

62cm high x 46cm wide, with frame

Condition: Overall in good condition, ready to hang - Additional images and detailed condition report available on request

Provenance: Handed down the family of the current owner. Originally given to his grand father as alternative payment for dental work shortly after WW2, in Indonesia.

About the artist: Johan Rudolf Bonnet (30 March 1895, Amsterdam – 18 April 1978, Laren) was a Dutch artist who lived much of his life in the town of Ubud on Bali, Indonesia. He was born into a Dutch Huguenot-descended family who had been bakers for many generations. He attended the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam. He arrived in Bali in 1929 where he met the German artist Walter Spies and the Dutch musicologist Jaap Kunst. With Kunst, he made a trip to Nias, returning to Bali in 1930. He was invited to live in Ubud in by Cokorda Gde Raka Sukawati. Between 1929 and 1940 Bonnet stayed in Ubud. When Spies moved to Campuhan, Bonnet took over Spies' water palace in Ubud and set up his studio. He became involved in community issues including healthcare and education. He was also very involved in the Pita Maha movement, which encouraged local artists to raise their artistic standards. After the Japanese arrived in Bali, Bonnet remained free until 1942 when he was ordered to be sent to Sulawesi. He spent the remainder of World War II in internment camps in Pare-Pare, Bolong and Makassar. In 1947 Bonnet returned to Bali where he built his house and studio in Campuan. Despite the deterioration in the relationship between The Republic of Indonesia and the Netherlands, Bonnet was able to stay due to his relationship with President Sukarno who had collected 14 of his works. He was expelled from Indonesia in1957 after he refused to finish a portrait of President Sukarno; he was able to return 15 years later. Rudolf Bonnet died in Laren, Holland on April 18, 1978 after a long illness. His body was cremated, and the ashes were brought to Bali where they were burnt together in a great cremation ceremony with his friend Cokorda Gde Agung Sukawati.



Please place your auction bids with the HotLotz Link thank you. 

Oil on canvas, laid on board, unsigned

In its original Balinese frame

Not dated but estimated to have been painted around 1940

44cm high x 36.5cm wide, with frame

Provenance: Handed down owner's family. Originally obtained as alternative payment by the artist for dental works by grandfather's owner in Indonesia

Illustration: Catalogue cover of a publication by Rina Heidema, 2012

Note: For a similar work by the artist see Christie's catalogue in the link


For new speaking sessions with Markus Flamman, we will update.

Previous sessions:

For Markus Latest Solving the Negotiation Puzzle Masterclass Workshop please find at

Mr Markus Flamman who is a Procurement Professional and Partner in Portfolio, is currently a Senior Member at CIPS with MCIPS title. He is also an Advisor to Vu Marcoms, a Public Relations and Marketing consultancy, and Vu Marcoms start-up suite-Olive and Latte ABS, engagevu and Elab Perspectives Collab.

“Markus Flamman, with his previous years of experience within the banking, Oil & Gas and hospitality industries, brings extensive Media, Digital and Procurement expertise for us to grow our start up together with his consultative advice and approach in the digital economy,” says Sharon Vu, Director at Vu Marcoms.

Markus is a strategic Procurement Head with 13 years of Procurement, Project, RealEstate & Facility management expertise in Europe and Asia, and with experience in various industries from Banking and Finance, Oil and Gas, Government trade and relations, and Travel Solutions and Hospitality. Markus has been with companies such as Caltex, RBC and ABN Amro and most recently HRS.

Markus graduated with double degrees both in Law & Organizational behaviour. He is focused on Team development, Optimizing cost and competitive strategies, raising efficiency, Process Re-engineering Design & Implementing continuous improvement Initiatives, Governance and Risk Reduction. His expertise includes managing and reducing commercial risk & cost in established as well as (semi-) greenfield environments.

Markus has managed teams in various sizes both locally & regionally with a focus on talent management. Being a passionate thought leader, he preaches and trains on modern Procurement concepts, and has been the speaker at several forums and master classes, including but not limited to APAC CPO forum, ACTE, CTF, EGF Asia and ProcureCon.

What does Markus do, practically quite a lot, you can email if you have any enquiries. 

Biz Innovator - Tan Chin Kar

TAN ChinKar is Publisher of Write Editions® and Managing Partner of JMatrix Consulting Pte Ltd, a publishing and communications consultancy incorporated in Singapore. Write Editions® is a registered trademark and an imprint of JMatrix Consulting Private Limited. Prior to his current appointment, ChinKar has garnered wide ranging experiences in a rich array of communications and management disciplines, spanning over 20 years in the government, corporate and non-profit sectors. From corporate communications, public relations and brand management to community relations, newspaper/magazine and book publishing, he has invariably set new benchmarks and pioneered new works. His multidisciplinary exposure has given him the privilege of working with top government officers, corporate leaders, educationalists, social entrepreneurs and activists, youths and the needy. He has published more than 60 major book titles since the establishment of Write Editions®, covering diverse genres such as economics/business/ management, society, health/medical, art, education and autobiographies. His authors include eminent professionals such as leading corporate strategist Dr Wilson Chew, public figures such as Mr Chua Chin Kiat and Madam Chua Foo Yong, psychiatrists Professor Kua Ee Heok, Professor Rathi Mahendran and Associate Professor Leslie Lim, gerontologists Dr Kalyani K. Mehta and Dr Helen Ko, and award-winning authors Emily Lim and Theresa Tan. He has also published for the Singapore Institute of Directors a major book series – Corporate Governance Guides for Boards in Singapore – and many organisations, including Sport Singapore, Singapore Prison Service, Thye Hua Kwan, the Ministry of Social and Family Development, etc. ChinKar’s multi-faceted roles have enabled him to work with leading MNCs, government ministries and people from different parts for the world. Separately, as part of his belief in corporate social responsibility (CSR), he sits on on the Advisory Board of the prestigious Wheelock College-Singapore BSc Program in Early Childhood Education Studies and Leadership, and volunteers with nonprofit organisations, providing them with strategic communications advisory. A keen observer of social-economic developments and one with interest in information economics, ChinKar holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Strathclyde Business School (University of Strathclyde, UK).

Please find Chin Kar collection of books here:


Latest book by Write Editions :
I Thought I Knew - Book by Prof Christopher Cheng


Biz Innovator - Joseph Ong


Founder and Managing Director, 1-Group (One Rochester Group)

Writer, r-Entrepreneurship

 Joseph Ong

You can purchase Joseph Ong's book here:



Joseph Ong is a graduate of Nanyang Technological University (B. Acc.) and University of Manchester (MBA, First Class Distinction). Before his foray into the world of lifestyle and F&B, Ong began his career in finance 20 years ago in Ernst and Young, KPMG and Arthur Andersen. This culminated in his tenure at Symantec from 2004, where he became the youngest Vice President in 2013 responsible for the company’s Channels and Business Development in Asia Pacific and Japan.


It was while he was still in Symantec that he completed his MBA, envisioned and put into action his MBA project – One Rochester Group – an F&B enterprise based on the genesis of his groundbreaking concept “remote-Entrepreneurship.” On completion of his MBA, he obtained a rare overall distinction for his course.


He began writing his book, remote-Entrepreneurship in September 2014, to showcase the new and ground-breaking entrepreneurial outlook that developed as his company grew.


“Through my own experience of setting up the One Rochester Group, I wanted to demonstrate that a person like me, with no real working knowledge or background of the industry, could achieve success in the business through proper management and planning,” said Ong. “To begin with, my passion was never about food, it was all about people and strategy. The One Rochester Group is a living case study of why r-entrepreneurship and c-leadership works.”


Today, the 1-Group (previous branding known as One Rochester Group) is one of Singapore’s largest lifestyle dining groups, with many international awards and accolades for its concept, food, service and ambience. It is also renowned for its creative renewal of hackneyed land and buildings, as well as revolutionising the F&B and wedding businesses through its various concept brands: 1-Host, 1-Altitude, 1-Altimate, Stellar and more.


With his concept of r-Entrepreneurship and c-Leadership firmly in place, Ong continues to run the 1-Group, which in turn, continues to evolve in Singapore’s dynamic business landscape. When he manages to take time off work, he is spending quality time with his wife Wendy and their son Jerome.


Artists - Magda Knap

Magda Knap

Magda Knap is a Dutch female artist, who has been producing painting since the sixties, running expositions in Amsterdam, Gouda and many other Dutch cities in various museums.

All painting are oil paintings, painted on canvas.

Her paintings contain stories taking place in unnatural landscapes with trees carrying thousands of leaves, flowers, butterflies and fishes.

If there are people present, they hide in the landscapes. And where faces surface, they freeze into masks. This is how Magda translates her thoughts and emotions.

Please click here for Collection and purchase

the Memory stays - Magda Knap


Sizes & Technique

Sizes are stated with the picture of the paintings.

Technique is Oil Paint on canvas (thick linen), just as the old masters of Holland have painted as well.


Framing of the paintings:

Paintings are shipped without frame. Framing is to be done in Singapore. Depending on requirements (for example museum glass, types of frames, etc), additional cost for framing ranges between 499 and 5.000 SGD. Average time to frame the painting is 2 weeks.

Alternatively, buyer may choose to frame him/herself at no additional cost.


Mounting of the paintings:

Upon request, we can arrange mounting of your painting on any wall. Fees are dependent on materials used and time required,



Prices vary between 7.500 and 75.000 SGD, depending on size, technique, year of production, etc. If you find a painting you would like to buy, please send an email to our GM

or call/text +65 8138 6913

to enquire about pricing.

All paintings are now in Holland (The Netherlands), but quoted prices are inclusive of shipping to you doorstep as well as taxes.



Painting are shipped to Singapore using insured art airmail transport. It is first mailed to the re-seller in Singapore who settles all taxes and performs a final quality check.

It then is personally delivered to any address in Singapore.

Shipping cost, taxes, etc are included in the purchasing price.

Average shipping term is 2 weeks.



Payments are accepted as follows:

- Cash 

- Paypal (add 5% Paypal fees)

- Cheque (cheque needs to clear prior to shipping)

- Bank payment to Singapore bank account

- BTC (only if above 9.900 SGD and payment needs to be validated prior to shipping)


Prior to shipping, 50% of the payment needs to be received and cleared (deposit). Upon hand delivery to your doorstep, the remaining 50% is to be paid. If the purchase is cancelled, the deposit is forfeited.


Deposits/hold for sale

As the painting are in Holland, you can't feel/touch the painting prior to buying.

Upon request, you can request additional pictures, allowing you to study the painting in more detail.

If you want to block a painting for sale, while you make up your mind, a 5% blocking fee is charged for every month we hold the painting for you. The painting is only blocked, if payment of said fee has cleared. We can block sale for a maximum period of 3 months.

If you decide to buy, any pre-paid holding fees, will be deducted from the price. If you do not buy the selected painting, any holding fees are forfeited.

As these painting are actively sold, not all offered in this message may still be available.


Artists - Andy Yang

Andy Yang

4 Oct 2019 

Andy Yang's Art Exhibition: 

Imaginary Excursions: I Think I Am On A Field Trip | Andy Yang

Please refer to Facebook link for the timings and schedule, event is till 7 Nov 2019:


NPE Art Residency​ is pleased to invite you to Andy Yang’s solo exhibition, Imaginary Excursions: I Think I Am On A Field Trip!

3 decades after Professor Anne Sheppard shared that “enriching our aesthetic experience goes together with developing our powers of imagination,” the role of the artist evolved from being a technical genius to a visionary who manipulates time and space to connect us with the intangible.

As a parent, Andy Yang’s responsibilities have often rendered him ineligible for spontaneous hiatus to faraway lands where one goes into a new environment of wonder. Amidst these conditions of production, the expressionist painter revels in introspection where his mind massages his consciousness into a state of wander. Getting lost in books rich in culture, music that is ingrained in every nerve of his impetus to paint, and a new residency that grants a new found abode, Yang creates his own field trips. He makes drawings and sketches of scenery while traveling in them. Within the complexed layers of imagination, Yang detoured (created) into new dimensions of excursions - hideaways and sanctuaries where he takes a breather for a short moment.

Imaginary Excursions invites you to join Yang in his expedition into the wilderness. Within the collective of paintings as installation, find your safe space and listen to the heartbeat of your own fantasy.

Address: NPE Gallery (Level 2), 39 - 41 Kallang Place, Singapore 339169

Andy Yang - Olive

You can purchase his collections here:

Andy Yang (b. 1973, Malaysia) is a visual artist based in Singapore.

Andy received his fine art education from the renowned Malaysian Institute of Art in Kuala Lumpur, and graduated in 1994. Thereafter, Andy enjoyed a successful career as designer. In the mid 2000s, a trip abroad took him vis-à-vis artworks by artists such as Jackson Pollock and Pablo Picasso. The profound impression left on him by these experiences led him to broaden the horizons of his creativity and to explore visual artistic languages. Since then Andy has been participating in numerous group and solo exhibitions, including Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? at The Substation Gallery (2010), Emotions at Instinc Gallery (2011), Abstract innovations at One East Asia Gallery (2013), Existential Passages at K+ Scott’s Square (2016), and The Many Glimpses of Drama at Art Forum Gallery (2017).

Early on, Andy became fascinated by the abstract form, and by the flamboyancy of the colour gold. It was as if the power of the equatorial sun had landed and scattered on his canvases bringing to life the other colours, as in Flashbacks (2011).

Furthermore, Andy considered the abstract more suitable to respond to his longstanding passion for music. The exploration into the myriads of possibilities between visual art and music led him to the creation of works under musical stimuli, and also in collaboration with, amongst others, local indie band The Observatory. In Anitya 1 (2011) the artist exposes the process of his art making in full cycle, from creation to destruction, and provides the compelling visual focal point to the music played live by The Observatory, at the Earl Lu Gallery of the Institute of Contemporary Art Singapore. And again, in the collaborative Spooky Action (at a Distance) presented for ArtScience Late in 2015 at the ArtScience Museum Singapore, Andy’s music and installation converge and blend in the impromptu performance by Strangeweather Movement Group.

Another distinctive character of the artist’s art making process is the way he applies the carefully selected colours. Andy does not proceed deliberately and in full control. Instead, he uses air blown from various implements to allow the colours to be dispersed in a way that combines harmoniously the antithetical forces of control and fortuity: space, materials, implements become co-creators alongside the artist, as in Breaking Barriers Of The Unknown (2014).

In recent years, Andy, grown confident in his familiar approach, and in unconscious pursuit of fresher challenges, has begun exploring a new direction: his field of vision embraces a wider and more balanced perspective. In his artwork for Chok Kerong’s album Tales They Told Me (2017), Andy uses ink and acrylics on paper: emptiness and silence play as much a part as the asemic writing, notes and pentagram’s lines pirouetting and swaying in the energetic composition. In Just Another Evening (2017), the indelible memory of a sunset is distilled, decomposed in its nuanced and essential elements, and conveyed on paper with a composed, measured, and confident maturity.

"Of all the arts, abstract painting is the most difficult. It demands that you know how to draw well, that you have a heightened sensitivity for composition and for colours, and that you be a true poet. This last is essential." Wassily Kandinsky