I Thought I Knew - Book by Prof Christopher Cheng (Write Editions)

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I Thought I Knew is a poignant, blow-by-blow account of a leading urologist whose world collapsed when he discovered he himself faced the very condition he was expert in – prostate cancer. Lying on a cold operating table one Saturday morning in December 2017, Prof Christopher Cheng realised he had entered the dusk of unknowns.

Not even his 37 years of professional life in the field could prepare him for the momentous episode – a professor turned patient. Ironically, it is with these two diametrically opposing pairs of optics that Prof Cheng wears today – as a professor and patient – that he aspires to achieve through this book: to unravel the crucible of what a cancer patient goes through, to inspire compassionate practice in the medical fraternity, and finally, to illuminate readers – patients and caregivers – in making informed decisions when confronted with the news of cancer or any chronic disease. Prof Cheng concludes the book by impelling doctors to vigorously embrace empathy in their pursuits, and envisioning a robust yet caring healthcare system that society deserves. Written in a raw, no holds barred, yet sensitive manner, I Thought I Knew sets the tone to manifest the triumph of the indomitable human spirit – overcoming adversities and coming to terms with acceptance.